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sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

'Transparent' is as good as its pilot promised

No spoilers ahead | Holly fuck! would be my only comment about 'Transparent' if I did not have a blog where I have the need to express myself and write about the greatness of TV. Because 'Transparent' is my new good favourite tv show despite I have already finished its whole season in two days; that means ten episodes of nearly 30 minutes each one, five hours more or less in front of my computer's screen. I know, that's a shame but binge-watching is sometimes your worse enemy in this new brave world created by Amazon and Netflix when you have free-time to spend. I think we sould start from the beginning, right? Last February Amazon delivered some pilots of new series they would considered to develope depending on the welcoming. The pilot of 'Transparent' began soon to shine over the rest of the shows -'Mozart in the Jungle' is the other one- so it was a matter of time the announcement of the OK to the whole season. We, the ones who witnessed the awesomeness of its cover letter, have had seven months to speculate about how the rest of the series would be. Then during the last days of August we had the chance to see a proper trailer and magic happened: suspicions came true. We were told that the final date to deliver the whole season would be 26th September, which is by the way my best friend's birthday. That's someting. I don't want to tell you what 'Transparent' is about because I felt so much joy when I discovered by myself. Don't let spoilers ruin the experience of meeting the bunch of secrets of the Pffeferman family. But I will tell you someting: the brilliant mind behind "this beutiful tale of coming out"  is Jill Solloway, who if you don't know, used to be a writer of 'Six Feet Under' (fuck yeah!) and producer executive of 'United States of Tara' (double fuck yeah!), two tv-shows very familiar to destroy cliches and portray family in a gripping mix of drama and very black humour. That's a resumé.

By the way, I love how the boobs of hot mamma Amy Landecker are integrated in the plot.