Empecé este blog con 16 años y otro nombre (Dime que series ves y te diré cómo eres). En un principio solo hubo cabida para las series de televisión, pero más tarde amplié el contenido a todo aquello con un mínimo de ficción, incluso la propia vida. Decía Susan Sontag en Contra la interpretación que «en las buenas películas existe siempre una espontaneidad que nos libera por entero de la ansiedad por interpretar». Pero Carrie Bradshaw también decía en la excelente Sexo en Nueva York: «No pude evitar preguntarme».

miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

How to get away with sloppy scripts

Don't you happen that sometimes you are unable to quit tv-shows despite their low quality? There are a lot of reasons to keep watching them: but, are they actually rational? I have found myself lately in a crossroad with some US tv-series: Homeland (Showtime), Sleepy Hollow (FOX) and How to Get Away with Murder (ABC). Are they worth it? Am I wasting my time in addressing my appointments with them weekly?

sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

'El tiempo de los amantes', la piel suave que habito

Publicado originalmente en Infoactualidad el viernes 21 de noviembre | Todo cinéfilo asiduo de salas de cine encontrará El tiempo de los amantes en la cartelera desde este viernes 21 de noviembre. Se trata de una coproducción del año 2013 entre Francia, Bélgica e Irlanda cuya duración alcanza los 105 minutos y se enmarca dentro de esa fangosa temática como es la “dramedia romántica”.

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

We can be heroes just for one day

No spoilers ahead | Few days ago my sister Patricia (I usually call her "Pat" because of my lazyness of letters) told me that the only time she had seen me crying while I was watching a tv-series was when the first season of 'Digimon' (remember?) ended (*). Ouch! That's so 2000; I was only 6 six years old and at that time I did not know that there was a second season on the way so I was devastated when I saw the called "Digidestinied" leaving the Digital World and abandoning their own digimons. There was no point in life anymore. There was no rush at eating my-so-hated-meal anymore to catch up with the cartoons at 2 pm. Well... the mourning lasted less than 24 hours when I discovered the next day that It was re-broadcasted again. But, ey kiddos, I experienced on my own the grieve of loosing someone something. Now I understand why I have been such a drama little queen all my life.

All this paraphernalia to introduce you to Wirt and Greg, two brothers lost in a very-very-very strange forest called 'The Unknown' who need -obviously- to find the way back home. One tricky but gripping thing is that we do not know how they have arrived there; that's one of the multiple misteries of the animated television miniseries 'Over the Garden Wall' (Cartoon Network, 2014). Ok, you will say "I have no time to watch cartoons", "I'm an adult"blah, blah, blah,... Here is the thing: 10 episodes of 10 minutes each one. Tallying... It's just a film of less than two hours. And let's say it: since when animated tv-series can not binge-watched by grown ups? Its greatest pleasure is discover how magical and creative this fictional (?) world can be that you will see yourself excited from the opening (so autumnal) to the end credits, applauding the laborious script with so many levels of interpretation than kids and adults will be highly pleased. Have I convinced you?

No breaking news of a second part of 'Over the Garden Wall' (there is no need actually because the writers wrap up the story so perfectly) but in fact in 2015 a sequel of 'Digimon Adventure 02' is coming. No reboots. No naked human beings turning into semi-digimons (WORST IDEA EVER) Just a new day in the old town. Life is hard enough so why don't we take a break and enjoy other paralell worlds where happiness, love and friendship defeat darkness? Happy endings keep existing but we all are forgetting them as we grow up.

(*) It was aired by the second channel of Spanish public TV: TVE2.