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martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

How to get away with Shonda (read it as Viola Davis' voice)

That's merely impossible: I'm obligated to say. First of all, I would like to clarify that previous shows which involved her as a writer or an executive producer such as 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Private Practice', 'Off the map' or even 'Scandal' (*) were not my cup of tea. Well, I actually liked 'Scandal' during its first year but I convince myself that I did it due to its only seven episodes format. I watched it as a mini-series, ok? No mea culpa better.... It was a rough personal moment of my life so I needed light tv-shows to avoid overthinking. That's what Shonda means to me: basic amusement. If I want to think, I watch the esteemed too highly 'The Good Wife'. I like it too but if I compare my current exciment for legal fiction, the new Shonda's 'How to get away with murder' wins to the marriage King's creation. And why is that? Very simple: more than eighty binge-watched episodes versus only four aired ones. When audience reachs such long run in a tv series, they usually get bored as happens in life. Well, 'Mad Men' is the suitable exception. But 'Mad Men' has been always on over the top. Yes, that's my fandom speaking up. Let's go back to horny lawyers: what's exactly 'HTGAWM' about? I already said it: horny people who fuck get laid a lot between trials. Mostly to win them. Wow, that's so Kalinda from 'The Good Wife'. The difference is that I do buy the fact that pansexual Kalinda flirts with everone but... not professor Annalise Keating or her good-looking pupils. But, ey kiddos, it's network fiction so I don't ask for factual basis. But don't get me wrong, trials are the less important factor because if there is something gripping and shocking about it are flashforwards. Yes, very 'Damages', another legal tv show which run and survived during five seasons. From now to the end, spoilers | The tricky thing is that we are told how (and why) professor's pupils murder her husband. Another point is how well or bad, in this case, these flashforwads are used in narrative. But it's fun to see the same scenes of murder expanding like a puzzle. Obviously they can err into redundancy but I'm so invested in the easy trashy mistery than I surprise myself confessing it. Life is too difficult to take it serious and Shonda flawlessly knows that. I don't give a crap if she is an angry black woman. She knows the market and what people ask for: fast food and twitter. Obama were the one who took advantage of social media and microblogging in politics in 2008; Shonda understands she has to live on twitter to feed the fandom. And the trolls.